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Photo - Haulbowline Theatre Group One Act Committee with Adjudicator Dara Carolan. © John Hudson
festival comittee
L - R   Betty Hally, Pat Mahony (Festival Director), Angie Barry McCall, Dara Carolan (Adjudicator), Liz Ryan (HTG Vice Chairperson) and Peter Matthews (HTG Chairperson).
Thanks to The Festival Committee above who made the weekend a great success. Thanks also go to Dennis Cotter and John Hudson for their work in ensuring the technical end of the Festival went without a hitch. Also John Hudson was the Phtographer at last nights awards ceremony and a personal thank you from me for the pics. Lastly but by no means leastly a Thank you goes to Ray Gordon the groups Treasurer for his tireless work front of house and his lovely wife Berna who was the timekeeper for the Festival.
Regular visitors to the theatre will have noticed a pleasent change in its ambience, a lot of work went into the theatre prior to the Festival, walls slabbed and painted, the dressing rooms also got an overhaul, this work was undertaken by three people for the most part. Our very own Chairperson Peter Matthews, his long suffering wife Carmel and the inexhaustable Dennis Cotter. Fantastic work (who mentioned pink!)

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Under the auspices of the D.L.I. and ADCI.

At The Theatre - Naval Base - Haulbowline
By kind permission Officer Commanding Naval Base Haulbowline.

NOV 13th,14th&15th

The opening night of The Haulbowline Theatre Group One Act Festival and despite the atrocious weather a large audience was in attendance to witness a very enjoyable night of theatre.

AT 8 p.m. Mr Pat Mahony (Festival Director) opened the Festival and introduced the first Play of the evening.
The Loaded Dog. Adjudicators Award Best Set Performed by Brideview Drama  Written by Jim Hyde and Directed by James Hyde
The Setting for the Play was 19th century Australia during the Gold Rush. The story revolved around three Irish Miners working their claim and the havoc caused when their dog Tommy gets his teeth into a live charge and lights it from their campfire. The three Actors Patrick Smith(Dave), John O'Dea(Jim) and Orla Devlin(Andy) gave very polished and energetic performances and the Play was a fine opener to the Festival.

The second Play of the night was Butchers Runner Up Open Section, Performed by our very own Haulbowline Theatre Group. Written by David MC Call and Directed by David Mc Call
The setting a Butchers shop. The story, Master Butcher (Dan) David Mc Call passes on his years of experience to apprentice Butcher (Timmy) Emmet Brierly, as only an old hand can do, with a large sprinkling of (Dans) very own life truths. Intertwined in this very funny exchange is the story of young love coming to an end. (Debbie) Erica Brierly, Adjudicators Award Best Supporting Role, finally decides to end her relationship with young Butcher (James) Luke Barry, her horoscope says its time. Excellent performances by all.

The final play of the night, The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish. Third Confined Section Performed by Swan Music and Theatre, Written by David Tristram and Directed by Donal Howard The setting for this play was a suburban house. The story revolves around a married couple (Henry) played by Pa O'Leary and (Alice) played by Yvonne Seymore, who have fallen into a boring, repetitive suburban lifestyle. We were treated to a very funny and at times very touching portrayal of a couple escaping this humdrum existence through their individual Day Dreams and Fantasy. Great performances from the cast.

When the final curtain closed. Adjudicator Mr Dara Carolan addressed the audience and the performing groups, sharing with us his thoughts on each play and giving insightful suggestions to each group on how best to improve their respective productions, Technical (lighting, sound and set) Performances and Direction. a wonderful end to a very entertaining Night.

The second night of The Haulbowline Theatre Group One Act Festival was well attended despite stiff competition from the Ireland-France match and of course the JedWard show (XFactor)
Once again Mr Pat Mahony (Festival Director) welcomed everyone to the Theatre and introduced the first play of the night. The Nightingale and not the Lark Third Open Section Performed by Martello Productions written by Jennifer Johnson and Directed by Trevor Bailey The setting, an attic/living quarters over a theatre. The story revolves around old and bitter alcoholic(Maimie) Deirdre Malone caretaker/resident of a local theatre, reminiscing on her youth and her acting career while remonstrating with the ghost of her dead ex-husband (Owen) an actor of some talent in the late 30's, Played by Tom Fanthom. Enter (Janet) Kate Delaney. Looking for replacement keys for the ones she has misplaced, there ensues a dialogue between (Maimie) and (Janet) while they both search the room for the replacement keys. A well crafted work and very well played by the cast.

The second play of the night Jack Furey performed by Amphitheatre Company written by Bryan McMahon and Directed by Martin Gleeson was set in a farm house kitchen. The story, ageing (Josie Flanagan) played by Lorraine Morrisey suffers from Dementia and is a burden to her Daughter in Law (Grace Flanagan) played by Margaret Whelan. (Grace's) husband (Daithi Flanagan) Chris Bourke, returns home with news of the death of a much hated Head Master. The news causes (Josie) to revert back to her youth and voice memories that rock the foundation of the Family. A very poignant play and Sensitively acted by all.

Third play of the night, Leaders Runner Up Confined Section Performed by Coachford Players written by Anthony Greene and Produced by Anthony Greene. The setting for this play, a prison cell somewhere in Germany during the Second World War. The story, prisoner (Sophie) a young activist and member of the White Rose, a group opposed to the Nazi regime, played by Sinead Teahan. While writing her final words before her execution for treason (Sophie)is visited by (The Man) Eugene O'Sullivan Their explosive interchange is a classic verbal battle of good versus evil. You will definitely come away thinking on this one. Both actors give their all.

The final play of the night wasMickey Kannis Caught my Eye Winner Confined Section performed by Shannonside Drama Group written by Geraldine Aron and Directed by Pauline Maloney. The setting, a one bedroom flat. The story, (Mickey Kannis) actor, singer and dancer in his early thirties, played by Edward Dillon. Is still looking to be discovered, his long suffering wife (Di) played by Mags Clancy, supports him and encourages him but enter friends (Bernie) Jack Clancy and his wife (Helen) Pauline Hartigan, with a business proposition and a few home truths and (Mickey's) theatrical aspirations begin to teeter. A wonderfully funny and touching tale of growing up, brought to life very well by the actors.

Once again When the final curtain closed. Adjudicator Mr Dara Carolan addressed the audience and the performing groups, sharing with us his thoughts on each play and giving insightful suggestions to each group on how best to improve their respective productions, Technical (lighting, sound and set) Performances and Direction. a wonderful end to another very entertaining Night.

The final night of the Haulbowline Theatre Group One Act Festival, eagerly awaited by all the participating groups as the results from tonights Adjudication could mean a place in The All Ireland One Act Final for the lucky groups.
Festival Director Mr Pat Mahony opened proceedings for the final time and introduced the first play of the night, A Little Bit of Oblivion Performed by Wayside Players Written by Stephen Bean and Directed by Kathleen Byrne. The setting, a Public park. The story, picture this, your sitting on a park bench reading your newspaper in the spring sunlight not a care in the world, along comes a (Woman) played by Kathleen Byrne carrying a small square cardboard box tied with string. She carefully places the box beside you on the bench, asks you to mind it for a little while with the explicit instructions not to move it, tilt it, shake it and basically not to touch it. Runs off before you get a chance to ask her whats in it or even refuse the request. Well thats what happened to (Cool Guy) played by Brian Whelen and he did what his characters name suggests, was cool about it. However three more characters also aptly named enter the setting throughout the play, (Neurotic) played by Margo O'Brien, (Doom Merchant) played by Ann O'Connor and (Amateur Sleuth) played by Eugene McLoughlin. Hilarity ensues as the charactars descend into paranoia while (Cool Guy) trys to remain Cool. Excellent opener to the night and great performances by all.

The second play of the night was The Librarian Winner of the Open Section Performed by Bray Arts Written by James Prideaux and Directed by Derek Pullen The setting, an interview room in a mental institute. There was a buzz around the theatre about this play and those in the know (theatre officianados) had heard great things and boy were they right, I wouldnt know where to begin writing a short synopsis , I will let the results of this Festival speak for the Play. Deserved winner of the Adjudicators award for Best Actress Rosary Morley/McPhillips playing (Rose Penmore:The Librarian) was outstanding. Also winner of the Adjudicators Award for Best Actor Martin Davidson (Voice of Doctor) although having no physical presence on stage, brought a vocal element that enhanced the setting and storyline immensely. The (Nurse) played by Elaine Twomey completed the ensemble and brought an added dimension to the overall production.

The final play of the Festival was The Way of all Fish Performed by Take 5 Studio, Written by, Elaine May and Directed by David and Noelle Clarke. The setting a lavish New York office. The story, (Miss Asquith) rich, prominent buisiness woman played by Aileen McMurtry and her secretary (Miss Riverton) played by Noelle Clarke are finishing work late on a Friday night. (Miss Asquith) finding herself with no engagements for the night decides to invite (Miss Riverton) to her home for dinner, when (Miss Riverton) informs her that the cook and maid were given the night off, the decision is made to order food in and have a picnic in the office. Food is ordered, wine is opened but things however are not what they seem, shy, soft spoken (Miss Riverton) upsets the office dynamic and a hilarious power struggle ensues between the two characters. Very well played by both.

And so the curtain closed on the final night of the Festival weekend. The Festival Director Mr Pat Mahony addressed the audience and gave his thanks to the Festival Committee who's tireless work throughout the year ensured a fantastic weekends entertainment. Adjudicator Mr. Dara Carolan gave a brief Adjudication from the stage and then it was down to the N.C.O's mess to see would we agree with his overall Adjudication and awarding of prizes.
To the successful groups we say congratulations and to all the groups who took part in The Haulbowline Theatre Group 18th One Act Festival 2009, we say a big THANK YOU, for the many hours of enjoyment. BREAK A LEG.

And just a few words about the crews from each group who do so much work making the performances come alive, a big thank you goes to the Lighting, Sound, Set Designers, Backstage crew and all involved outside the spotlights, for without you there would be a blank, dark and silent stage on which the actors perform. WELL DONE. (I know, more than a few words)

Under the auspices of the D.L.I. and ADCI.

At The Theatre - Naval Base - Haulbowline
By kind permission Officer Commanding Naval Base Haulbowline.

NOV 13th,14th&15th

Haulbowline Theatre Groups Festival Director Mr. Pat Mahony would like to formally invite you all to this prestigious event, this is our 18th year and this year promises to be the BEST yet. There are groups coming from across the country to compete in both the Confined and Open sections.

The Adjudicator this year is Mr. Dara Carolan who brings his knowledge and experience in all aspects of Theatre.Dara is a graduate of the London Guildhall where he studied English and Theatre Studies. He is an accomplished actor, director and playwrite. He has appeared at the Abbey Theatre, the Gaiety and the Olympia. Internationally he has toured New York, Sydney, Japan, Australia and his work has been seen in many countries including Finland (Helsinki) France and Australia
He Directed the all Ireland Drama winner One Act Play "Silence on the Battlefield" and has appeared at the All Ireland Drama finals on several occasions with Sundrive Players including the Esso Trophy Winner "A Month in the Country" adapted from Chekov by Brian Friel. He was nominated for best actor in the role of Alexei in the production. Dara has premiered a number of roles in Ireland including his favourite John in "My Night with Reg".
Most recently Dara has directed the critically acclaimed "The Cripple of Inishmaan", a site specific work "PARCWORLD" for outdoor festivals "Deckchairs in Dublin 4" and "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" at the Mill Theatre Dublin. The plays of Sean O'Casey and Arthur Miller have been a huge influence on his approach to theatre having directed both "The Plough and the Stars" and "Juno and the Paycock" to critical and audience acclaim at Liberty Hall Theatre. Adapted from the plays of O'Casey he created a stage play "O'Casey's Women" which launched the new Sean O'Casey Theatre in Dublin's Docklands. As an actor he appeared in "All my Sons, "Death of a Salesman" and "A View from the Bridge" by Arthur Miller. His own work includes "Small Change Low Voices" (Lincoln Prize Winner 2003) and "Mr Carr's Alibi" which was premiered in Chicago.
Future works for 2010 include a new production of "The Merry Wives of Windsor" set in Dublin, a commissioned outdoor spectacle and a new tour of "Antons Men" based on the plays of Anton Chekov
Dara conducts workshops nation-wide for actor's, directors and theatre as an educational tool. This coming February, Dara will direct "Brothers of the Brush" by Jimmy Murphy at the Sean O'Casey Theatre.
He is currently a drama programmer for Rehabcare. As an Adjudicator, Dara has presided over festivals in Ireland and Europe.

If you are unfamiliar with One Act Festivals the format is as follows. On Friday night Three One Act Plays will be performed, Four on Saturday night. The Plays are performed by various Theatre Groups. There is a short break between each of the Plays
When the last play has finished the Adjudicator Mr. Carolan will give a short critique on each play, where he will outline his thoughts on subjects such as the skill of the Actors, the Set Design, Direction etc. This is a great way to end the night as you will get to hear how a Professional has viewed the Performances (No it's not like the XFactor).

We all retire then to the N.C.O's mess to do what the Irish are best at, (No not Drinking!) becoming instant professional critics (albeit with a couple of drinks taken)

Regardless of whether you join the "Professionals" in the mess or not you are guaranteed a greats nights entertainment.

The Format for Sunday night is exactly the same as Friday (three plays, breaks, critique, etc). The big difference is that Sunday night is Awards Night. Presentation of the Awards is made in the N.C.O's mess. It's the culmination of a weekend of excellent entertainment, brought about by the hard work, dedication and commitment of the performing Groups.

So now your hooked you want Tickets You will also want to know How To Get There, just follow the Links.
Listed Below are the Plays and the Groups Performing for the Festival. Please note that curtain is up every night at 8 p.m. sharp, you will not be admitted into the Theatre once a play has begun. Please arrive early to avoid missing out.


Brideview Drama Players - The Loaded Dog

Haulbowline Theatre Group - Butchers

Swan Music and Theatre - The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Gold Fish


Martello Productions - The Nightingale and not the Lark

Amphitheatre Company - Jack Fury

Coachford Players - Leaders

Shannonside Players - Mickey Kannis caught My Eye


The Wayside Players - A Little Box of Oblivion

Bray Arts - The Librarian

Take 5 Drama - The Way of all Fish


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